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AMOK Smelling Salts/Crystal Ammonia

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From what we know, this is probably Malaysia's 1ST EVER locally branded Smelling Salts/Crystal ammonia. 45 grams (Nett)

It comes in a convenient, long-lasting bottle that can be used repeatedly, which means no more breaking Ammonia Caps! SUPER STRONG and POTENT professional Grade.

Describing the sensation doesn’t get more nuanced than this. NHL Wild forward Ryan Carter: “All I know, if needles had a smell, that’s what they’d smell like.”

Those little things burn, singe, shock, irritate and generally wallop the nostrils. It would not be unreasonable to question the sanity of someone who huffs them but “I love them,” says NFL Devils forward Kyle Palmieri. “It doesn’t give you any kind of energy, it just wakes you up. It’s almost like a cerebral way of saying, ‘Hey, it’s game time now. It’s time to get going."

Be sure to keep the bottle cap on tight to prevent vapors from escaping!

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