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AMOK Smelling Salts / Crystal Ammonia

RM 49.00
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Smelling Salts can be used by anyone from Gym lifters, Sports Athletes, Strength Athletes, Shift workers, Students cramming for an exam or even Drivers & Riders.

This is the product for you if:

  • You need to stay awake during long work or study hours

  • You need to drive long hours and stay alert

  • You need an extra boost of Mental Focus in the gym

  • You need need to get rid of jitters or feeling nervous during a competition


  1. Increased mental focus

When you inhale the gas from smelling salts, it can cause an immediate rush of adrenaline, which can help to increase mental focus.

  1. Increased alertness: 

Smelling salts can quickly revive and stimulate the nervous system, providing an instant boost in mental alertness.

  1. Improved respiratory function: 

The inhalation of ammonia gas from smelling salts can stimulate the respiratory system, leading to improved breathing and potentially increasing oxygen uptake, which can be particularly useful during heavy lifting.

  1. Enhanced performance:

The increased alertness and improved breathing can lead to improved performance during a lift, as you may feel more energized and focused, and able to exert more force.

  1. Overcoming fatigue:

When used strategically, smelling salts can help you push through fatigue and maintain intensity throughout a workout.

  1. Safe and easy to use:

Smelling salts are a relatively safe and easy-to-use tool that can be carried in a gym bag or pocket and used as needed.

  1. Quick recovery from a knockout or other types of injury:

In combat sports like boxing or mixed martial arts, smelling salts can be used to quickly revive an athlete who has been knocked out or suffered a concussion.


We are a Malaysia based startup, thus the product has been curated to address the challenges of our Asian climate and economy.

Amok is an established brand in Malaysia’s strength sport (powerlifting, strongman) community.

Amok is also a known brand in Singapore.


From what we know, this is probably Malaysia's 1st ever locally branded Smelling Salts.

It comes in a convenient, long-lasting bottle that can be used repeatedly, which means no more breaking Ammonia Caps!

Our new 2023 formula now comes “unactivated”

  • Activate only once, as & when when you need it

  • Longer shelf life

  • Stronger potency

  • More sniffs per bottle

We have created Amok in such a way that it meets your needs in terms of pricing without compromising its quality when compared to other overseas brands.

The only smelling salt globally that gives you a 2 months warranty!!

*T&C applies

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