Welcome to Breadwinners and Bedwetters,

Glad you could come on through. Raised in Kuching, Sarawak,  matured in the unforgiving city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Breadwinners and Bedwetters is a Damansara based apparel brand. We wouldn’t specifically label ourselves as gymwear or streetwear. 

Reason being it started out as side project for fun. When I was browsing the vast numbers of #Lokal gym tee and streetwear apparels in Malaysia, I couldn’t really find many which stood out and “spoke” to me. That caught my attention and screamed “YES! I want that!".

 Inspired by brands such as Lansi, Empayar KukuBesi and a passion for lifting weights (mainly Powerlifting), I decided to print my own stuff but found that a single print tee (with the kind of quality that I was looking for) would cost an arm and a leg. So I started asking around my friends and posting on facebook if anyone would want a copy in order to lower the cost. Fast forward 3+ years, here we are in January 2017, as Malaysia's premier gym apparel brand, an upcoming line of Streetwear under our Borneo Basterds line with our very own website and a strong, growing following comprising from your everyday street kid and to gym junky. 

It started with a very simple idea and mantra. And an even more simpler tee design.

For every Breadwinner there is a Bedwetter (at most times both are residing within the same individual).

For every positive there is a negative. For every day there is a night. It is the continual balance of energy in the universe that we materialize in the form of Breadwinners and Bedwetters. 

It reminds us that the principles, ideas and experiences that we hold dear are what shapes us or breaks us, what preserves our sense of self and what keeps us on that path. I try to stay true to this with every design concept. It’s how Breadwinners and Bedwetters came to be and is the foundation of the brand.

Through the vessel of fashion & style, Breadwinners and Bedwetters brings balance to the lie within the truth interpreted by way of graphic art, clothing and iron inspired by religion, government, identity, sports and death. Breadwinners and Bedwetters challenges the consumer to question the ideals of everyday society & to decipher the world objectively, disregarding the view of the status quo. 

From Day 1 everything we have produced has come from a desire to celebrate the power and talent of the individual, and the struggle that is required to clear your own path, rather than follow the herd.

This attitude is present throughout our graphics and clothing, whether straightforward in the form of a slogan or message, hinted at by symbolism found in our logos or artwork or by the unique details found throughout our cut and sew pieces.

Since creating the brand, we have seen our friends grow and become successful in their lives, and our paths have crossed with like-minded people who have now become family. Every project that we get involved with comes from connections like this. 

Coming from a time and culture where you had to learn the hard way or be taught by the elders if you wanted to know what was up, we value people who are actually contributing to the cultures they exist in, not just talking about it on a forum or blog. It’s the individuals who give back to the scenes that built them up, that we respect and enjoy building with.

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