A Basterd's Collection – Breadwinners And Bedwetters
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"IF YOU EXPECT THE WORLD TO BE FAIR WITH YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE FAIR WITH THE WORLD, THAT'S LIKE EXPECTING THE LION NOT TO EAT YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T EAT HIM" A Basterd knows this. Breathes this. Because our definition, our envisionment of a Basterd, has lived through this. Over and Over and Over again. Yet they get up every other day and hustles.Our Basterd knows that they "HAVE TO WORK TWICE AS HARD JUST TO GAET HALF OF WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS", because they do not come from privileged families, they do not have the luxurious, they are not of status. They are the ones the crowd said would fail first. Would never make it. Yet here they are, leading the crowd instead. And that is what our Borneo Basterds collection is all about. A salute to the everyday man or woman. A nod to the dreamer. A pat on the back to the grinder. Doesn't matter if you're not from Borneo (we chose that because we are from Kuching), as long as you have the inner Basterd.