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Sisyphean Protocol x Myoreform

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Finding a coach to guide your programming, buying food and supplements, physiotherapist appointments, gym memberships, etc. can really put a dent on your wallet. However, it is a  necessity for individuals looking to get as strong as they can be and perform at the highest level. 

Although we cannot ease all your training-related financial burdens, what SSP and Myoreform aim to do is to provide an affordable yet comprehensive package for those looking for online coaching and physiotherapy services!


SSP is an Online Coaching Service run by Iqbal, who is a competitive 75kg powerlifter in the local Malaysian scene. His competition bests are a 212.5kg Squat, 152.5kg Bench, and 245kg Deadlift, all done during Strength Assembly Meet 2018 (SAM). He first competed in March 2016, and has been competing on a yearly basis ever since. Even during his highschool years he was involved in weight training as a supplement for his 100m, 200m, and relay events.

Myoreform is a team founded by two young and certified physiotherapists, and they have been responsible in treating and keeping many individuals - from the daily office workers to the weekend warriors and to the elite athletes - in top condition. Their services aim to fully optimize the body so you can move and perform to your fullest potential. They firmly believe that the goal is not only to heal you, but also to educate you so you can better understand how your body works.


Who Is This For?

This service is for individuals looking for both customized programming - either general strength or powerlifting, and would also like physiotherapy sessions to keep their bodies performing optimally.

Individuals that will benefit the most from this package are:

  1. Competitive Powerlifters 

Keeping your body injury-free as you peak into a meet can decide whether you perform at your best or your worst. 

  1. Lifters Prone to Injury

Lifters who have wear-and-tear from years of lifting, or those with pre-existing injuries will benefit from this package as it provides frequent physio sessions and a program that works around their injuries. 

  1. Beginners Venturing into Strength Training

Lifters that are new to strength training, and are looking to improve their strength while staying injury-free. These lifters can benefit from this package as it provides customized programming written by a coach, and prehab/rehab instructions provided by physios.

What Do You Get?

  1. Customized Programming

No templates. The programming given to you will be individualized to meet your goals.

  1. Weekly Form Check & Feedback

Every Sunday you will receive feedback regarding your form and what can be done to improve. Any questions that were not answered earlier in the week will also be answered on this day.  

  1. Physiotherapy Sessions

These sessions can involve a range of services - from deep tissue massages, dry needling, assisted stretching, consultation, prehab and rehab exercises, etc. What you decide to get during the session is up to you!


Please refer to the table below for our charges.



3-Months Coaching + 

2 Physio Sessions           

3-Months Coaching + 

4 Physio Sessions           

3-Months Coaching + 

6 Physio Sessions

(on promotional basis only)     









Payment is to be made in full, and can be done through PayPal, Grabpay, Online Bank Transfer or credit card.

The Process

  1. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email. Your contact details will be shared to both SSP and Myoreform. From SSP, you will then receive a follow-up email and a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to understand your lifting background and experience, which will allow an individualized program to be tailored for you. From Myoreform, you will receive a follow-up email and a health related questionnaire.

  1. For SSP, all corresponding follow up regarding programming and feedback will be done through google drive (so you will require a gmail account). Your programming will be shared through google sheets, and any videos or questions you have will be shared through drive/docs. For Myoreform, schedule your appointments to your leisure.

  1. Look forward to pain-free gains!

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